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Thursday, 15 March 2018

Things to do before 8 o’clock in the morning

It is saddening, that nowadays these socialites are not releasing nudes, or some wannabe socialites have theirs leaked. We the people, who do not have blue blood coursing through our veins have to contend with the frustrations, sometimes drinking cheap liquor when those bets go through, just to have better conversations with our demons.

Because we have surrendered to our fates, being just statistics every five years and sometimes ten years, we hold on to the hope that it may be so for the next fifty years, although it largely depends on people’s plans. Personally I plan to live right to the edge of life, all factors kept constant, and dying peacefully at state lodge in Mombasa, preferably at the gate.

For people like us, now that politics has cooled down, weekdays tend to be long drawn and extremely boring. So boring that we begin reading terms and conditions on websites and even manuals to things just in case our fates are hidden there. but the words written there are a bunch of unintelligible phrases which state things such as: the terms and conditions are subject to change, without any notice, as we deem fit. Of course they have to explain how ‘we’ is used and ‘user’ which in this case is the person who may not have time to read the instructions. That’s how we fill our weekdays.
You should be wondering how we use our mornings. As people rise and go to the various places of work, which we know beyond any reasonable doubt, that they hate with passion, we too have things we do before 8 o’clock every single day. We hate the boredom too, so we have to practice hating it even better than those who hold on to jobs they completely do not like. Just in case they wake up one day and decide to steal the printer, and in the process get summarily dismissed, we have to practice how to fill these positions through the following ways:

Hitting the snooze button

We have discovered, through relentless scientific research that the origin of the snooze button is in nature. It began with the cockerels. Depending on the cockerel’s health, and sometimes the availability of hens (the research established this) it crows endlessly after five am, at completely irregular intervals until the cockerel can spot at a hen to mount. What do we do now that we are in the city? We have phones that can act as cockerels. So we do set our alarms at 6 am in the morning and snooze until we doze off and wake up at midday. Thereby we proceed to get something to eat and continue with our research to establish how long someone can live if they sleep for approximately 19 hours.

Checking on what’s going on social media

On occasions that we feel sufficiently philanthropic, we log into social media platform where we contribute to likes and double taps on slay queens photos, as well as they clich├ęd philosophical musings when some sponsor somewhere drops dead due to heart failure. We condole them with messages such as ‘you deserve every bit of misfortune,’ although we are smart enough not to post them. We also know that people who have jobs, as part of their job descriptions, log into social media sites to check how the lives of those high school or campus classmates are faring. Often, it’s a girl, they’ll be posting pictures about their times in Diani, or some other exotic places especially where politicians are discussing matters of national concerns such as vetting nudes.

Monday, 11 July 2016


“Excuse me!!” she retorts
Ah! Man with a womb and a cunt
Because your dick grew inwards

“Excuse me!!” she menstruates
You are trash
You need someone to take you out
The garbage truck or the hit man
I’m the later

“Excuse me?!!!” wide eyed response
Poetry is beyond your understanding
Ah! You’re limited to sexts-
I know I’m insensitive
When it pays your bills

“Excuse me!!”
Multiple sorries dear heart
I now understand your distaste of her

Fuck you
“Excuse me!!!” she cringes
Yes I said it, fuck you
Go to hell for heaven’s sake

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


You are that kind of person who has no guts, you give every time life pushes you. You are the kind of person who'll live all his life playing it safe, doing the right things, saving yourself for a moment that never comes. Then you'll die a boring old man if you live long enough. The best part of it is, you'll have many friends who really like you because you were such a nice hard working guy. You spent your life playing it safe, doing the right things. But truth is, you let life push you to submissions. Deep down you were terrified of taking risks. You really wanted to win but the fear of losing was greater than the excitement of of winning. Deep inside, you and only you know you didn't go for it. You chose to play its safe.