Monday, 12 October 2015


 I tell you the revered words 
In pages so infinite in their number 
I’ve seen you in my numberless dreams
Strutting with the elegance of a queen −
The one who sires the heir of the throne

Luo lady lets watch seconds gather
Let’s watch sunsets beckon eternity
Luo lady you’ve won my pride
Captured my desires and caged it
Your beauty has enslaved my mind

Jaber take my name ,take my everything
You’re the one I would like to kiss
In the pulpit in front you father and mother
As we lend immortality a human touch
I long for those sunsets and mornings
Away from the worlds glare

Take my hand jaber, let’s go to the hills
Let me be the stars a high above the sky
Let the wind blow away our silent whispers
So that the world knows of the love
That I profess, immeasurable and eternal


One day, perhaps on a Monday, afternoon,
You’ll realize you belong to a silent world.
Where silence lends an ominous embrace
A world where there’ll be nothing to face
And you’ve heard everything to be told
And all about you, hazy shadows of the moon

One day you’ll know silence belonged to you
And you belonged to silence; your worth
Measured by long moments of solitude
Like specimen on the table, a sour mood
And you’ll spell all that you are not
And you’ll be glad perchance, you were true

One day, on a Monday, perhaps in the afternoon
You’ll reckon the futility of speaking your mind
And the vanity of aiming way too high
Among human mongrels out to lie
Among humans who to your flaws find

Something to talk about, hoping not for change soon