Friday, 23 September 2016


As a solitary life beckons its blissful sorrows
The unwinding charts between hatred and love
And looking forward to such empty tomorrows
The dread of reckoning the contents of fate above
With pungent and repulsive thoughts I have
Yet with hope of finding and falling for someone
To whom fate has designed for me to crave
In every of the seconds of day and of night, every turn

To long that she longs as I that I am her man


When Hussein’s advances usurps my throne
And one chilly dawn
When married men haven’t the morning glory
And you find thus that we be just a story
Don’t leave in silence my love.

Shout at the top of your voice
So that the neighbor know you had no choice
But to leave me and my crooked penis
Shout that everything in my house is amiss
Shout but don’t kill me with your silence

Don’t leave without telling me why
For I will be tempted to look around and beseech the sky
Don’t make me search that which exists no more
Don’t leave without letting me know
Just don’t leave with silence

Tell me everything that bothers you
Before you finally start anew
I might have a chance to defend my love
Or find it fit to leave for the one above

Leave, but not in silence 

Monday, 12 September 2016


He could trace despair in the gleam of her face
Her voice gave much away
How she reaped pain where she sowed to gain
Yet, she’ll say she is okay

She sits silently alone, trying to undo the known
Her sweet smile a rainbow
Amid tears she thought wouldn’t fall in years
It should have snapped-cupid’s arrow

It takes vigor and courage to walk off the stage
A story scripted to match seven heavens
The inadequacy of verses; garden filled with roses

How so! When earth is filled with heathens