Friday, 13 January 2017


When you go to Ravine, dear reader
Or pass by the place
Please find my love Cheptoo, and tell her these
If she doesn’t a phone, that is,

Oh you are asking how you fill find her?
They live in a mud walled house before the stream
Or ask a renowned drunkard in the area
They’ll lead to her father, there you’ll find her

Now that you know where to find her
Please tell her I’ve bought a new transistor radio
And two bi speakers, 
So that she can tune in to her favourite station
Also, my small brother finished school
And left me his mattress, its more comfortable now
Tell her she won’t complain of back pains when she visits

Tell her, this is important, that my uncle promised me a job
Not a fancy one, but in the great city of Nairobi
I will a security guard, with my own uniform
Tell her I will come for her and take her with me
So that she can know what it means to miss mursik
And eat thin transparent chapati by the road side

Please don’t get jealous, please deliver this message
She’s is my light during the day and even the night
Tell her I think of her like Kiprono thinks of gold medal
Tell her I dream of her like Raila dreams of presidency
Tell her I will cling to her like Mugabe to presidency
Tell her I miss her and she must visit me soonest
Or else I find someone else, like I have done sometimes

Tell her none have been comparable to her, of course

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