Friday, 20 January 2017


Barely home from a night of bingeing
Hardly asleep yet someone’s knocking
With fury and intent of breaking it down
“Open the damn door you useless clown!!”

My mind is in disarray, fumble with the blankets
Look for clothes to wear among the water buckets
The intruder is quite now, he’s heard the noise
He can break the door, but he’s reserved that choice

As I struggle to adjust my pupils to bright light
With bloodshot eyes betraying my nocturnal delight
He pulls me by the collar of my shirt, furious
Like a short changed drug dealer, dead serious

“Son of nobody with brimstone down your loins
How dare you lure my daughter with coins
And cooled your burning down the coveted stream
Now it’s dry, with nothing to hold to, without a dream”

In tow is his daughter cowing with fright,
We’ve met before, in fact spent many a night
The inevitable had finally happened
Thought I ‘A rough ride here, seat belts must be fastened’
“Isn’t he the one?”  he turns to her once pretty daughter
I cursed her, she couldn’t tell me she was sired by a monster
Chit, my whip would have cowed with fright
May be I would enjoying the sleep I forewent last night

“You leave me no choice but to pronounce you
A husband and wife, find a way to get through
You can have her for the rest of your life

Should she set foot in my home, your neck will stop a knife”

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