Wednesday, 24 May 2017


I hate the word promise and its relative- pledge,
It puts people at the whims of the ‘promiser’
Waiting for it to be fulfilled, or not
It’s a subtle way of postponing a resolute no
But without so much the guts to ever admit

Look at our politicians, the tonne of promises made
What do we have to show except brazen stupidity?
With pot bellies and big cars, they come again
To ask for another chance to believe in promises
No, to believe that our foolishness will amount
To roads, schools, stadiums and good health care
Don’t promise anyone heaven without specifics
Don’t promise them flowers when they can pluck
By the roadside and be more at ease with nature
Don’t promise a forever you can’t even grasp
Just be realistic even if it’s the beginning of mediocrity

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